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Amira Khalafallah (2012-2014)

The enzymology of enzymes involved in oxidative rearrangements in fungi

Bild von  Amira Khalafallah (2012-2014)


Structures and Enzymology of Fungal Biosynthetic Enzymes.

Fungi catalyse a highly diverse array of oxidative rearrangements which result in rapid creation of complex molecular motifs. We are studying different enzymes which catalyse the following reactions: TenA, a cytochrome P450 enzyme produced by Beauveria bassiana which encodes a 2-Pyridone synthase (part of the tenellin biosynthetic pathway). TropB, TropC, TropD and TropF from Talaromyces stipitatus are involved in the biosynthesis of the fungal tropolones which have many biological activities.